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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 12, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. shuttle launches set to take off in just 13 minutes, but it doesn't look like the weather will cooperate. at least for right now. we're told it is a no-go. we are still waiting word for, the final word to come from nasa. this would be another delay for a mission that's already been pushed back about a month. space shuttle endeavour was to travel to the international space station about 250 miles above our heads and in earth's orbit. earlier today, one astronaut pointed to the sunshine and said, quote, look at that, but the clouds have since moved in.
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underway, the seven astronauts are suited up and in place inside the shuttle and here are some headlines of this mission, it has been delayed since june 13th. this is the 4th attempt to launch. the mission is expected to last 16 days and will feature five space walks. astronauts will finish building a platform and astronauts can expose their experiments to space an and there are only seven launches remaining, including this one, before the space shuttle mission ends in september of 2010. phil keating with the news live in cape canaveral, florida. what are you hearing, still a no-go? >> they're doing the round robin. there were several goes, there were also several no-goes primarily the weather team for nasa giving it a no-go and the launch director right now, saying he does not expect an improvement on this thunderstorm lightning situation, which right now is within 11 miles of where we are. take a look. way back there, that is launch
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pad 39-a where the seven astronauts are buckled in and the space shuttle endeavour is ready to go. as we pan to left here, dan. you're going to see what the issue is. to the west of kennedy space center, that's where you have the thunderstorms that have been moving in, that's coming in from the west, moving eastbound, and we've had a spectacular ly loud stay at the launch pad and this materialized in the orlando area in the past 90 minutes. the reason that nasa would not launch with the cloud systems, with thunderstorms and lightning activity within 20 miles because of the possibility that the launch is going off and they actually have to abort the launch, they would then fly, steer the shuttle back to the launch pad so they have to have that runway clear and free of any electricity in the air.
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>> julie: all right. phil, let's hold on one second and listen into nasa. >> all right. complete, (inaudible) nothing? >> this is shuttle launch control, t-minus nine minutes and holding. and about seven 7:03 a.m. local. that's the launch director coordinating with the team declared a scrub for the day, weather was just not going to cooperate. in fact, just before the readiness pulls, shuttle weather officer kathy winters noted lightning and cumulus clouds within ten nautical miles of the launch pad and we had gone red for launch as well. so, the decision has been made to turn around for 24 hours,
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turn around scrub, we will attempt to launch tomorrow at 6:51 and 24 seconds. that would be the preferred launch time for a t-zero for tomorrow, monday, 6:51 and 24 seconds. . >> julie: all right. so, i want to go back to phil keating, there it is, the launch has been scrubbed yet again. so, for this crew, their attitude is it one of stoicism because they have been suited up and ready to go so many times. they have until tuesday latest in order to launch and then i understand that this launch will actually be delayed to late july, correct? >> correct. this was actually, they'll do this now a little bit-- they'll attend this launch 6:50 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. and after that, there's another scheduled launch in august and also, a rocket launch of the atlas five rocket, that's the
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future into space that's in august. as far as this mission, the seven astronaut crew, this is as close as they have come. this is a mission that should have been completed by now. it's been delayed for a full month, two times because of the hydrogen gas leak and also, one time because of had a lightening strike on friday and yesterday was the latest of the day and spectacular day weather-wise, i've got to say unbelievable, everybody was confident, feeling very good, that thises with a was going to happen tonight and reporting today that 70 percent favorable forecast for the launch window which was right around 7:13 p.m. and of course, even mentioned in one of my earlier shots today, 30% no-go, it's a dynamic weather system in florida in the summertime. things pop up fast and a lot of heating and that builds up into the atmosphere and leads to a lot of lightning and thunderstorms, especially here
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along the interstate 4 corridor between daytona beach and tampa bay on the west and certainly, a great disappointment here in nasa and great disappointment you have to imagine for the seven astronauts itching to finally get up into space and get up there to the international space station. it's an important mission, that's going to be installing the remaining aspect of the laboratory built by the space agency involving a big portion to be put outside as well as a lot of other things. >>. >> julie: . >> all right. >> we'll try again tomorrow, julie. >> julie: all right. i want to bring in tom jones, a veteran astronaut and fox contributor, launched in 50 times, as a specialist upon the endeavor and worked on the international space station and four shuttle missions. tom, this is disappointing news, you were so optimistic, times where the weather was a 70% no-go and ended up lifting off. in this case, it was a 70% go. what happened? >> i was down there with phil on
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another occasion, we had only the 30% chance of launching and weather turned out to be great. and this time it turned out the other way, even an optimist like me couldn't proceed in thunderstorms. the shuttle crew in particular, they're dealt a bad hand today and this weekend because their alignment with the space station's orbit requires them to launch in the late afternoon, evening right now in florida and you're exposed to all of this turbulent and unstable atmosphere that creates these thunderstorms and it's just a bad roll of the dice and inside the cockpit. julie, people are taking off their straps and instead of lying flat, sitting up like normal people do and they're talking over the chances for tomorrow. a lot of disappointment, but i think that they're going to treat this as a good reversal for getting ready tomorrow. >> all right, so, then let's talk about tomorrow then. if this thing gets delayed after tuesday, then they're going to have to wait quite some time. and time is really running out. i mean shall the last mission is to be you know, there's not that
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much time left. there's only seven mission controls left before the space shuttle mission ends. >> true, all of the delays start to stack up. we had a three week delay due to the hydrogen leak. and then a couple of days perhaps because the weather conditions aren't going to work out and it begins to stack up and of course, every other launch is similar circumstances, technical or weather problems so nasa managers had to be very careful about the last seven or eight missions here to take the remining vitals to the stays spags. they would like to get the shuttle in the barn and funds ordinarily use today operate a shuttle can be devoted to the orion aircraft and testing and development of the orion. >> they've got to have the best attitude, first of all, suited up and ready to go. when i say suited up, i mean, suited up. you know, in fact, they work with a team of expert
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technicians i was reading about which i think is fascinating in the operations and checkout building at nasa's kennedy space center and they put on the orange suits, those orange suits that are very familiar to all of us, those orange suits actually include leak checks before they get into that shuttle. they have to make sure that the helmet, the gloves the boots are all sealed properly and these are designed, essentially, to protect the astronauts in case of an emergency during ascent. do they have do did that all over again every single time they get on board? >> that's right, julie, every time you put on the suit you go through the leak check and all of the steps that get that suit checked out, linked oxygen lines and so forth. tomorrow, they'll have to go back and the technicians will clean out the inside of the suits and wipe ut percespiratio out and go through the routine again. it's sort of comforting routine someone is baby iting your space suit up to the time you walk out of the building. >> julie: tom jones you'll be
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back tomorrow. hopefully better luck then. thank you very very much. >> you're welcome. >> julie: breaking news now here on the fox report. police making an arrest in the wake of the horrific murders of those adoptive parents in florida. and they say they're confident they'll make more. right now, one suspect being charged with tampering with evidence in the case, police crediting this surveillance video helping to identify the suspect and another person of interest. they're also crediting the media for getting this video out there tips came in because the tipster saw the video on their television station, this video apparently showing there are three experienced criminal thieves driving from the slain couple's home in that red van and police searching for a third person seen on the surveillance video and bird and melanie billings gunned down while eight of their children slept in another part of the house. the security system capturing their killing on video.
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earlier, in our 4 p.m. hour, america's news headquarters, the sheriff leading the investigation told me about the graphic details of that surveillance video and what he saw and the psychological toll of seeing it was apparent. >> of course, when you first view a video of this nature, it's almost surreal and you think maybe you're on the set of a movie and then of course, you understand horrifyingly that you're witnessing a crime before y you-- and the worst crime possible and that's a murder. >> julie: we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. all right, moving on to other news, the clock is ticking and hours to go before sonia sotomayor appears on capitol hill. the supreme court nominee expected to face tough questions from the senate tomorrow. what issues could crop up and will she breeze through confirmation? a live report straight ahead. travel, stress, eating on the run.
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>> tomorrow kicks off one of the biggest political showdowns of the year and of courses, the fox news channel is source for complete coverage and talking about the senate confirmation hearing for supreme court justice nominee sonia sotomayor. if confirmed sotomayor will make history. of course, she will become the court's first hispanic justice, but the prospect expected to be grueling. as you probably know these are politically charged and heated at best especially for a life long position for one of the most influential positions in the u.s. a key republican on the senate committee grilling sotomayor making it clear where the priorities lie.
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>> she is an amazing, warm, and intelligent woman and she actually brings to the court more experience in court, trial courts, appellate court than any sitting member of the supreme court. >> you know, the judge has given a lot of speeches in addition to her official actions where she's questioned whether judges can actually be neutral. if there's whether such a thing as objectivity in the law which means that judges are affected by their biases and i think that's a fair area to question her about. >> of course, sotomayor has one influential fan in her corner, the man who nominated here, president obama, calling sotomayor from the oval office this morning and there is a picture of the two chatting. wishing sotomayor luck ahead of the biggest job interview of her life. courtney kaelly has more from washington, hi, courtney. >> hi, julie, judge sotomayor finished her preparations today and senators were warming up on the sunday talk shows ahead of tomorrow's highly anticipated hearings and judge sotomayor
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credits affirmative action in helping her achieve her version of the american dream, included graduating from an ivy league university. and tomorrow they get whether her beliefs will affect her judgment. and senator patrick leahy to profile sotomayor on face the nation and he thinks she'll be confirmed. and also on cbs's face the nation, the senator says he thinks she'll have to address the question of whether her personal qualities and ethic background will affect her decision making. then on meet the press this morning, senator john mccain says he will be watching the hearings closely before he makes a decision and senator chuck schumer predicts she will be confirmed by either a larger number than chief justice john roberts. julie. >> julie: all right. thank you very, very much courtney keeley in washington. don't miss our upcoming special, by the way, judging sotomayor
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hosted by bret baier and megan kelly. megan kelly will join us a little later in the hour, talking about the woman who may be the next justice, compelling story to her rise to the nomination, plus, what she can expect in her confirmation hearing, tonight 8 p.m. eastern tonight on fox and megan will join us, starting tomorrow morning, complete coverage of the sonia sotomayor hearing beginning at 9 a.m. eastern, the best political team in news covering all the angles, fair and balanced. well, also tonight, a california teenager is missing in paris. police say this girl, 15-year-old alexis brown, was on a trip with the ambassador program in europe when she disappeared. brown is from california, now, police say the teen was last seen on video leaving her hotel alone. so far foul play isn't expected, but her atm card was used right after her disappearance. the fbi and embassy working to
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the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> sick and tired of our economy? you're not alone, but president barack obama has some advice for you, have patience. while easier said than done, but the president is urging americans to give his economic recovery plan some time to work. in an op-ed piece in "the washington post," his stimulus program wasn't expected to get the economy back to full health, but stop the freefall and obama says it's working, but patience is going to be tough. it's going to be especially tough sell with unemployment at almost 10%. some republicans are quick to say that an obama stimulus plan is expensive and not working. well, it was exactly a year ago today. the world lost a great person. and we lost a former amazing
7:22 pm
colleague, colon cancer claiming the life of our beloved tony snow. tony was a loving father and husband, trusted friend, respected co-worker and committed public service, whether you heard him commentating on fox's airwaves or clarifying the bush administration policy as white house press secretary, there is no doubt tony was a man of talent, character, and honor, simply one of america's best. griff jenkins remembers our last friend and colleague for a special tribute from washington. >> good morning, i'm tony snow. >> his career spans print, radio, television and politics. from the radio booth and anchor desk at fox news, to the white house, always cheerful and positive, tony snow was loved by so many. >> if i met one person, my children as an adult that you want to be, it would be tony snow. >> tony was so alive, so
7:23 pm
intense, so smart, that i feel as though i just chatted with him last week and i think for all of us who knew him well, he'll never be gone. >> he taught me a lot. he loved his family more than he loved anything and i wish i could be more like him every single day. >> we all love him and we all miss him and we all still remember him and in fact. of us still wear the tony snow bracelets we had here made for him. >> he put a different face on the white house, that was a huge benefit to us all, a lot of good and bad decisions and i country bringing tony snow in as one of the best. he loved his family, loved his country and he went down with a smile and that's what you would have expected from tony. everything i knew about him i admired tremendously. he had a vivacious curiosity, he was very well-read and so confident to talk about
7:24 pm
anything, he was a rarity among tv journalists. >> it's hard to believe it's been a year since tony died. waste a great friend. he was a colleague, had a great time questioning him when i covered the white house. >> you couldn't help, but you know, be happy when you were around him. no matter how big the challenges, you know, there's this big booming voice and this great smile and this infectious personality and it-- it-- i miss him a lot. >> tony snow was exceptional, with a kind, generous, and wonderful human being. he never lost track of who he was, never got to be a big shot about it all, a great communicator and above all, a wonderful person. >> tony played many roles in his celebrated career, but there was never a doubt which ones mattered most. loving husband to jill, and loving father of robe and kendall and kristin. washington will never be the same without tony snow, and yet, it is a better city because of
7:25 pm
his legacy. >> you know, they say about washington, if you want a friend get a dog. if you want a friend in washington, tony snow is a friend, don't worry about a dog. >> he left the white house and came out of that door and there were hundreds of people out there, bidding him if i remem r remember-- farewell. it was a tribute to tony because that's the way he was. >> he loved tony, tony wasn't regular or routine colleague, tony was just tony, always upbeat. always fun and we just miss him. it's just that simple. >> we did, julie, tony snow was a rarity in washington, he set the standard when it came to character and faith and family, no accomplishment, no achievement. he was more proud of than his three beautiful children, kendall robe and christy and to live on forever in our hearts here on fox news and with everyone else, in life that he touched. just truly one of a kind. back to you. >> julie: that was such a touching tribute.
7:26 pm
thank you so much for sharing it with us, griff, thank you. well, we're less than 24 hours away from the sonia sotomayor hearing tomorrow. now, if nominated she would be the very first lat tina appointed to the u.s. supreme court. we'll take a look at the nominee and preview what we can expect from her confirmation hearings, megan kelly with a special tonight. she'll join us live tonight. next. 4l [ thud ] [ woman sighs ]
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>> bottom of the hour.
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time for the top of the news and history could be in the making starting tomorrow. sonia sotomayor heading before the senate judiciary committee for the biggest job interview of her life. she could become the supreme court's first hispanic justice, but the questioning will be intense. to say the very least. republicans expected to grill sotomayor over concerns about her neutrality as a judge and meanwhile, democrats are trumpeting her courtroom experience as a trial and appellate court judge. megan kelly is co-host every weekday morning from 9 to 11 eastern and ke hosting a special with bret baier, judging sotomayor 8 p.m. megan, thank you for the big show 30 minutes the fancy background and we'll be live from the nation's capital and what's coming up at 8 p.m. eastern, something most people have not seen before, an in
7:30 pm
depth look at the nominee. you heard what the white house wants to you hear and grumblings from the republicans about her and some defenses from the democrats. what you have not seen how she got to the place she is tonight and what the biggest pitfalls will be for here. we have her covered from a to z and i work on the specials myself and i learned so much about the nominee, some of which is going to come up at the hearings and i for one can't wait to hear how she's going to handle it. there's a lot of controversy, and she's going to be grilled on so many issues, obviously, that appeal to conservative key issues or key base, such as gun owners right. properties rights, the use of international law and deciding cases and what do you think is going to come up regarding her talking about having that latina background, helping more than a white male would, that's what people are angry will, ticked off, if you will. >> if the chairman of the judiciary committee, patrick
7:31 pm
leahy does not ask that himself. first crack at questioning her, i will be stunned. sort of better to get the bad ones out with a friendly questioner. you'll hear a lot of that from the republicans, she came out and said i would hope a wise latina woman with the richness of her experience would come to better conclusion than a white male. a lot of people think that's a racist statement. not necessarily that she's a racist, but the statement is racist and want a real explanation and the white house said she misspoke, but she said it four, maybe up to seven times. and how she'll explain that. another question, the association with her group the puerto rican legal defense and education fund on the board of for 12 years that put some, some might characterize some extreme conditions and some people think basically the hispanic a.c.l.u. and liberal as the a.c.l.u., how
7:32 pm
involved was she, did she support all the positions when it came to the death penalty and all of that on board in the next couple of days. >> julie: where she stands on abortion and protests all over washingtons in anticipation of the hearing. and that's one of the toughest questions she'll face tomorrow. >> absolutely right and steps from where i am right here, there's a visual going on at the united states supreme court by pro lifers saying that they're praying she will understand their position if she gets on the high court and that's a huge question mark, julie. she has almost no rulings on the issue of abortion. she has one ruling where she upheld an international policy where the bush administration said if look, if we give you money, foreign countries, you can't use it for abortions, can't spend it on anything abortion related. it was clear the way she had to rule in that case so the fact that she ruled for the pro-life side doesn't really tell us much about her, she's a big, big question mark on abortion and those who worked with her, said the obama administration told,
7:33 pm
don't worry she's not going to disappoint you. >> julie: i'm interested on the cast on her foot, i've got to be honest. she apparently, i understand, late in the afternoon, especially, has to keep her foot elevated and showed her video of her on crutches and the committee preparing a special kind of table for the hearing that are going to allow her foot to be raised during the questioning. how do you think that's going to play a part of the hearing. >> i think it's brilliant. and if i read somebody was tougher on examination, if you could show their injury, the poor woman breaks her ankle in preparation for the hearing doing the travelling, but if i were them, i would do the exact same thing. rest elevation and compression what you're suppose today do for an injury, but doesn't play as bad theater as we go into the hearings and maybe the republicans to go softer on here, julie. >> julie: i wonder if they will no? though?
7:34 pm
>> who has the guts to do that. >>. >> julie: i feel sorry for the woman. >> if the going got tough, could i get another pillow. could i get a break and an ace bandage. >> julie: or roll in the wheelchair. megan kelly always great to see you and thank you for coming on on a special sunday and bret baier is on the special. hey thanks for leaving me out. not just megan kelly and bret baier at the top of the hour, see you buddy. >> see you julie. >> julie: thousands of small business owners are saying something better start working soon because they're sinking fast. small business owners across the country are struggling to get loans, but say that they're coming up short. they're not meeting the search criteria set up by the banks and the small business administration. now, they're finally hope on the horizon. laura ingle is live here in the studio to explain what's the hope. >> hi, julie, it will come hopefully as better loans coming
7:35 pm
up. f.d.a. saying it will do everything it can to the mom and pop businesses saying they're getting nothing, but rejections at this point, leaving many saying, can't we all just get a loan? small businesses like the cleaner in new york city applied seven times for this type of loan and repeatedly has been turned down and that kind of pushback left many small business owners doing everything they can to stay afloat. another local entrepreneur who owns a delight frozen dessert store has been leaning on credit cards to get through the tough times. >> it doesn't make sense to deny somebody who is current, who's paying off their loan and wants to consolidate in order to get a little debt relief. >> i just feel that the f.d.a. lenders are giving them parameters that-- >> last month, banks across america began taking applications for the of recovery program known as arc.
7:36 pm
30,000 interest free, but for many, it's too little, too late. critics say it's time to tweak the rules for businesses so they cannot only keep going, but keep the paychecks going for their employees. >> it's their life blood. they need to be able to finance their supplies, working capital, payroll, overhead. >> julie: sba reps say they know the problems facing them are big ones and working to help as many as they can with their programs as well as directing them to other outlets that might help them out. yesterday, obama administration officials discussed the possibility of stimulus money to small business owners however, no firm decision has been made on that, julie. >> julie: laura ingle, thank you very much. the debate over what the cia has or has not told congress intensifying this weekend after reports that former vice-president dick cheney directed the agency not to inform congress about a new,
7:37 pm
undeveloped counterterrorism program. but some are saying, if it's true, he may have good reason. caroline shively with the rest of the news from washington. >> julie, today, members of congress are reacting to reports that former vice-president dick cheney, kept congress in the dark for eight years, about a cia count are terrorism program. >> on abc, democratic senator dick durbin said that mr. cheney did hide the covert program and it might have been a crime. and here is what senator diane feinstein told fox. >> i think if intelligence could have watched for program and asked for regular reports on the program, could have made judgments about the program as it went along, that was not the case because we were kept in the dark. >> cia director leon panetta found out about the program on the 23rd and killed it on the 24th and braced the house intelligence committees in an emergency meeting that same day. they require the cia to keep the intel committees informed of significant activities and some
7:38 pm
in the cia say they never got to fully operational stage so there wasn't a need to tell congress. part of the worry seems to have been the more people who know about it the bigger chance of a leak. some republicans pointed to the timing of the report. >> this of course comes on the heels of the statement, unproven by the way, boy speaker pelosi that the cia lied to her about enhanced interrogation techniques and this looks to me suspiciously to provide political cover for her and others. >> and former cia director is blasting the new report that says that congress wasn't kept well informed about a bush administration surveillance program. haden says he personally briefed top lawmakers. julie. >> julie: caroline shively. thank you so much. more and more men and women in the military are smoking cigarettes and it's catching the eye of the pentagon. well, now, there's word of a possible smoking ban in the works. we report, you decide. plus, being able to predict when
7:39 pm
an earthquake will hit could save countless lives. so far there's no reliable way to do it, but there is a new break through that could change everything. the fox report is back in two and a half minutes. when i was told i had diabetes, i felt amazingly boxed in. (announcer) joe uses the contour meter from bayer. (joe) my meter absolutely adapts to me and my lifestyle. i'm joe james, and being outside of the box is my simple win. (announcer) now available in five vibrant colors. or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the new pringles super stack can
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were studying warnings from miles below the earth's crust that could save thousands of lives. scientists recently detected a spike in rustling near the san andre as falt line, could indicate a major earthquake is on the way. and though it's a cause for serious concern, rather, it's providing valuable information, information that may one day be used to predict scenes like this. not just in california, but all-around the globe, so, oh, my goodness, so folks living in any earthquake prone area would have days or weeks to evacuate. that video is jolting. our casey stegall live, sounds like i was reading the teleprompter through an earthquake. take it away. >> quickly, let's start with a geology lessen. faults run ten miles below the earth's surface, when they move
7:43 pm
or shift that's when we experience an earthquake on the ground, but, it's what happens under those faults that has scientists very interested. especially here in california, as the study progresses. you're looking at a map there of the san andre asphalt and they've been conducting studies along this area, it's 800 miles long, one of the longest that stretches through california and teams have buried seismic tools, about 20 miles below the earth's crust that are constantly recording ground pressures and early data suggests that changes in pressure under the fault are experienced before movement on the fault itself. essentially, in layman's terms if fine tuned it could actually one day mean earthquake predictions. predictions. >> there's definitely hope and potential in this, and this is a new phenomenon and it's giving us new information and the more we know about it, we may find that in fact, they can give us the type of information you've talked about, to help us with a
7:44 pm
shorter term forecast. >> and part of this new study also looked at information from previous quakes. in 2004, parkfield, california in the central valley was rocked with a 6.0, scientists say that underground activity was noted there, along the san andreas in the days leading town this event. here is what is troubling geologists. an 80% increase in seismic activities over the last four years along that particular fault and some interpret that as the big one being imminent. but this is very interesting that one day we could now possibly have earthquake prediction and save countless lives, julie. >> julie: all right. casey stegall, thank you so much. it is a familiar image, a soldier in fatigues, carrying a riechl arifle and a lit cigarette. smoking is part of the culture and urging the secretary to
7:45 pm
change that and ban smoking. consider this, a study by institute of medicine found one out of he three service members smoke compared to one out of five adult americans and veterans who saw combat are 50% more likely to use tobacco than veterans who did not see combat. experts say as more service members light up, costs for the pentagon and the department of veterans affairs goes up. and that's probably because of higher health care costs. well, lightning striking only once, but hitting two hikers who lived to tell about it and the sheriff known for putting inmates in hot pink giving them a colorado treat. we go across america. texas, toxic chemicals released in a massive warehouse fire forcing nearby residents to stay indoors. firefighters from five different departments rushing to the scene as flames engulf the swimming pool supply complex billowing black smoke seen for miles, prompting locals to fear the
7:46 pm
worst. >> we were driving home and i see this plume of smoke and i keep driving closer and closer and i'm like,please don't let it be our house. >> it's concerning that it's that close to a residential area. two firefighters treated for smoke inhalation, the cause under investigation. colorado, two hikers struck by lightning in pike national for rest. a man and woman resting against their car bumper when the bolt hit. emergency responders saying the pair got thrown about three feet. both stayed conscious and able to dial 911 for help and they were treated for burns and bruises and expect today make a full recovery. arizona, the sheriff famous for making his prisoners dress in pink and live outdoors, providing them with a welcomed treat. sheriff joe handing out free ice cream to inmates at the mara copa county jail tent city and the timing couldn't be better. of the valley under an excessive
7:47 pm
heat warning. we understand the temperatures inside the tents reaching close to 130 degrees at times. florida, diving deep to hear some great tunes about 400 divers and snorklers celebrating the underwater music festival in the florida keys. the music piped back to listeners on land and those on the sea floor. some musicians even dressing up as the fab four to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the beatles yellow submarine album. and that's a fox watch across america. all right, imagine driving across the country, now, imagine doing it in an old model t ford and no air conditioning. well, that's just what the folks are doing. oh, that's cool! keeping bugs at bay with a model-- that's the wrong one, that's another story, forget what i said. the model t representing the 4,000 miles from new york city to seattle is not complete, but it's not your average road trip.
7:48 pm
>> you don't have air conditioning, you're out in the weather all the time, but it's not bad. it's no different than a motorcycle across country except you're a little slower. >> julie: the month long drive commemorating the anniversary of the ocean to ocean race. if you're taking a trip pack the mosquito repellent. but d.e.e.t. is controversial. it can melt plastic and now there may be a better way to keep the skeeters away, that's next. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪
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>> the bites, the itch, even worse,the irritating sound from camping trips to back yard
7:52 pm
barbecues, mosquitos are a relentless pest. after decades of research, scientists found a better repellent than d.e.e.t. orlando salinas gets bitten up for the story. >> inside the lab at the university of florida in gainsville, researchers are raising tens of thousands of blood thirsty mosquitos and they believe they've found the holy grail. a compound called parity which gives black pepper a kick and longer lasting than d.e.e.t. the active ingredient in most bug sprays. one application of this mixture, active for 73 days. >> there are certain chemicals that suppress that attraction or send to make it a little bit invisible, a better way to put it and the mosquitos instead of being repelled from us, couldn't sense us. >> mosquitos carry all kind of potentially deadly diseases like malaria, yellow fever and they
7:53 pm
can smell their dinner from 50 feet away. >> from the left-hand side is a control. >> a powerful computer program helps predict how successful some compounds might be, but researchers can't get around the real test. >> and inside this box these are adult mosquitos, roughly about seven days old or so, and boy, when you put your hand in there, they get to it. now, a lot of these in here are blood suckers, when they bite, they hurt and i'm starting to feel that right now and the testing inside this one lab just going on several times a week, boy, does it hurt, yeah, i'm feeling that. u.s. military developed deet and says finding a longer lasting mosquito repellent is a priority. >> we have a variety of things we're trying to protect the service members from here in the united states and worldwide. >> scientists say more testing is still needed and they've got the mosquitos to do it. orlando salinas, fox news.
7:54 pm
>> julie: i'm cringing. noodling yesterday and mosquitos on orally's arm. thank you, orley. is there an ethical hacker? one man is called that because of a popular video on youtube in which he apparently shows how tiny technology the government use ins i.d. cards and passports could put your identity at risk. in the video the guy drives around that box you see there which we're told is a signal scanner, he got it on ebay for just 200 books. the with a laptop he uses it to wirelessly read numbers from random folks' identity cards and privacy advocate say the signals can easily be used by criminals that steal identities. an attempt so big and so important that all you need is this video to keep you here through the commercial break. look at this, folks, the goal, a guinness world regard. we'll give you the skinny next. crest whitestrips has created a revolutionary strip
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that sticks to your teeth so well you can even drink water with it on. new crest whitestrips advanced seal. get a dramatically whiter smile while you do just about anything. satisfaction guaranteed.
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>> this just into the news room, breaking news here on the fox report. according to south korean television, kim jong-il, the ruler of pyongyang in north korea has been diagnosed with p pancreatic cancer, there have been rumors swirling for months now that the dictator of north
7:58 pm
korea, his defiant moods and developing nuclear weapons has been ill looking frail, looking old. this, according to reuters. reuters reporting that south korean television reporting that kim jong-il, leader of pyongyang in north korea has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. we will be continuing to follow this very important story that obviously appeals to the entire world specifically because north korea has been in the rule violating sanctions, in fact the 4th of july weekend, launching not one, not two, but in fact seven missiles in direct u.n. violations, directly defying china and russia, its two allies in the region. so kim jong-il developing p pancreatic cancer. poe things he was diagnosed a while ago because news to hard to reach in north korea and there are no mrn journalists, besides the two jailed there for
7:59 pm
crossing into north korea. this weekend was reported that north korea is considering releasing those two journalists, because they want to make some sort of deal with the united states, but now, their leader, kim jong-il, the leader of pyongyang, the leader in position many, many years defiant with the u.n. and the united states in his participation in the nuclear program they have going there has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. we will have much, much more, according to reuters on the story and of course our news desk is working feverishly to confirm that story breaking right here on the fox report. and on this day in 190le, ten former secret service agents show up for work in washington for the first day at the office of the chief examiner, its main mission, investigate the criminals who operate across state lines and one year later its name was changed to something more appropriate, federal bureau of


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